Backyard Living

Lately I’ve been finishing the move into my home here in Tigard, Oregon. I found a small dining set, coffee tables, and other odds and ends. It felt wonderful to finally get pictures hung on the naked walls.

But nothing was quite as satisfying as tackling the view from the house, especially the view from the large picture windows in the back of the house.

Tiny Yellow Frog


There is a tiny yellow frog, a real one, on the left. On the right, only whimsy.

Even more satisfying than my view was the goal of making the yard inviting to birds, bees, butterflies, frogs, and snakes.

Except for the occasional walk through the refuge, the yard has been the focus of my outdoor life for weeks.

Lately I’ve taken time to just sit, watch the creatures, smell the roses, and savor the not-so-subtle early morning fall chill. We’ve another glorious fall coming soon. I hope everyone takes time to enjoy it.