Yaquina Bay

If it has been some time since you visited Yaquina Bay near Newport on the Oregon Coast, this may remind you to go back soon. If, like myself until last week, you have never visited Yaquina Bay, you will want to know that no amateur photographer (least of all me), can fully capture the sights.


The bay is partly enclosed but does have access to the open sea. Ocean water in the bay is diluted by fresh water from the Yaquina River. It is a protected refuge and there are guides ready to answer your questions.



I felt as though I was walking into a fairy tale when I first saw the dramatic majesty and architectural beauty of Yaquina Bay.

The estuary is haven for thousands of sea birds and herons. Fat Harbor Seals loll on the rugged rocks and, when we were there, pups played in nearby pools.

Harbor Seals and Pups



Yaquina Bay is an Oregon treasure, a national treasure really. It is almost too much natural beauty to fully absorb in an hour or two and the best spot I have ever seen for exploring tide pools! We are going back for a full day this summer.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful and special place, Susan. I’m adding it to my travel list and hope you guys enjoy your next visit there!

  2. It’s a treasure – a gift that keeps on giving. There used to be a restaurant called the Spouting Horn where diners were treated to a spectacle unsurpassed anywhere in the world. There were also salmon fishing trollers arriving and departing. One could easily sit and watch all the activities for hours. Thanks for the lovely article Susan – a great reminder that we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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