July Afternoon


A few days ago I took a short walk in the refuge, just a small break from the digging, planting, and painting I’m doing at the little house I hope to move to one day soon.

Most often I walk in the early morning, when the songbirds are loud and cheerful. On a hot July afternoon they quietly hide from the sun. I only knew the birds were there because of a soft rustling in the bushes and the occasional burst of Chickadee song, though I never saw the singer.

Tualatin River Wildlife Refuge

The bunnies barely seemed to notice the heat, or my intrusion, as they nibble on the undergrowth.

hiding bunny

The herons didn’t move at all as they napped on their feet at the edge of the pond.


A couple of large nutria were unfazed by the heat while they dived and played in the pond. They reminded me of a morning two weeks ago when I’d watched a young family exclaiming over a couple of beavers. There are beavers at the refuge, so I didn’t risk disappointing them by telling them they were watching nutria..

Get outside whenever you can, and stay well!










7 thoughts on “July Afternoon

  1. R-e-a-l-y appreciate your lovely pics as am kinda laid-up w/ knees requiring major new “works”…aka, joint “replacements” (1 poor knee has already been done twice! as 1st surgeon screwed up, putting in wrong prosthesis!!!.) Let this be an example for all you gals who’ve enjoyed taking your knees for granted by treating them like their made of rubber…especially you other “Boomers” who did excessive roller & ice skating, surfing, dancing the Twist, Jerk, Hully-gully, & Limbo…..So, this gal won’t be gettin’ down to the refuge at all this yr…next yr? Enjoy nature,,,it heals other things, like your heart!!! šŸ˜‰

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