Good Medicine

How could I have imagined that I was too busy for a walk in the natural world?





The Tualatin River Wildlife Refuge is also a refuge for me; but lately I’ve been working on my new little “fixer-upper” home and I’ve been preoccupied with the state of the world,  living a little less in the present.

Yellow flower

For the first time in weeks I visited the refuge again yesterday.



It takes a lot to distract me from the birds, the bunnies, and this year’s fawns, but yesterday it was blooming wildflowers that earned my undivided attention.


We’ve all been dealng with serious issues this year, but we need to take time to do whatever it takes to maintain internal calm and peace despite the chaos. Taking care of ourselves will keep us grounded as we face our issues head on.


Whatever it is that makes you feel whole, make room for it in this strange year of 2020 – and be well.


Morning Gl










3 thoughts on “Good Medicine

  1. We have our own refuge. Picture a beer and book in hand, the star jasmine permeates the air, two wild bunnies appear from time to time, the hummers hum by your ear to nectar in a feeder or the many flowers abloom, and the birds do sing and carry on, many stopping by the fountain to bathe sending water into the air.The mole pushes up into the trap and dies. He/she gets put on the fence and a raptor appears. Darn I did miss that last event. If only our refuge did not contain moles.

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