Saturday Night Wild

Saturday night I was sitting up in bed writing a few emails and thinking about how how excited I will be to get work started on the little house I recently bought.


The bedroom window was open about two inches admitting a taste of sweet, cool, night air. Suddenly, the room filled with yips, barks, and howls, the sounds drifting in from somewhere out in the night. I might have been hearing a dozen animals all at once, maybe only three. I couldn’t tell.

Coyote song lifts me, makes me smile, and inspires me to imagine an untamed life even as it sends chills down my spine.


Mind your cats and small animals. Respect the coyote as a wild, hungry, scavenger and predator. I do.
Even so, I sleep especially well when I hear them at night from my warm bed.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Night Wild

  1. So cool! Next time, record it and include it in your post so we can all get the chills…

  2. I, too, love sounds of the night, including the howl of the train and frogs chirping…There’s something mysterious about the strange sounds and the unknown!

  3. I love the sound of the coyotes and am glad that even though we left the 27 acres we live in a place where we can still hear them once in a while.

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