Season of the Toadstool

It’s the fall fungi season. Mushrooms began appearing everywhere near the end of September. I’ve been enjoying the huge variety of fungi this fall, and wanted to share some of them. The little beauty below, with the delicate purple cup and pretty shape is my favorite so far. I stumbled on all of these this month during my daily walks in Newberg. Mushrooms are not plants or animals, though some say they are most closely related to animals.







This white mushroom was all alone 15 feet up the tree.
Gorgeous mushroom colony growing on a dead hazelnut tree
A lovely Bouquet
Just pushing through the soil






Also emerging from the soil


I think this is the largest wild mushroom I’ve ever seen. I had nothing to photograph next to it but Teddy (see below) in order to demonstrate how huge it was. In a lawn in Newberg.




9 thoughts on “Season of the Toadstool

  1. These are beautiful, Susan. I never thought of them being anything but plants. A friend of mine just watched a movie about mushrooms at the Cinema 21 downtown. He loved it. Thank you for taking me on a walk.

  2. Loved this Susan! I’m thinking that the last appointment we had was the last? So sad 🙁 I wish you the best 💜 Lauren Jacobsen

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    1. Dear Lauren, I’m so glad you sent a note because I’ve been intending to send you one. I just got back from visiting my “new” brother in Arkansas. Great experience. Don’t be so sure you won’t see me again… whatever happens I want you to know (you already do, I think) how much I like and respect you. I wish you great success in school and in your future career- and as the great mom I know you are! 😍

  3. Mushrooms are up there with wooly caterpillars, ginkgo leaves, and of corse horse chestnuts. I look forward to all of them every year and this year has been especially generous.

  4. Susan, what an awesome post! The photos remind us how magnificent life is, in all its forms. So glad you were able to capture and share these images and help us all appreciate mushrooms a little more!

  5. I love Mycology! The ones on the tree are xalled Clitocybes. The huge one that teddy is near looks like an angel of death which, if consumed, will live up to it’s name. These are awesome pictures, and what a variety! ♥️

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