Celebrate the First Day of Spring!

It was nearly freezing this morning, but it was the first day of spring! So I spent a few hours  on “safari” at the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge.

I missed getting a picture of a couple of deer and the Blue Heron were huddled together in the sunshine – too far away to capture with my phone.

Wishing you a beautiful spring!

This is a favorite of mine because it’s a bit of old Portland and today’s Portland in the same picture.











8 thoughts on “Celebrate the First Day of Spring!

  1. I always wondered what it would be like in a houseboat. Great views all year long and floods.

  2. Thank you for the photos. I have never been to Oaks Bottom. I imagine you have to be there early in order to see the wildlife. It is wonderful to have refuges like this one in the middle of the city.

  3. You’re right, LaVern. The best wildlife viewing is about dawn – although the wetlands are usually full of birds in spring and fall. Maybe you’ll be in the mood to walk it with me one day? Thank you!

  4. So beautiful! All the years we lived in Milwaukie and I haven’t done that walk yet! I would love to go with you one day soon! 😊

    1. OK, I like that! In a month or so (it’ll be a little warmer and soon we’ll have some baby ducklings) I’ll contact you for a hike through Oaks Bottom!

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