December in the Backyard

IMG_2087.jpgThis photo is actually from Josh & Laura Dillard’s backyard in Newberg. Their deck has been regularly crowded with hummingbirds.  Their hummers happily share the feeder while ours are ferociously territorial. (Photo provided by Josh & Laura Dillard)

IMG_5012.jpgI love this view of a magnificent Great Horned Owl hiding in plain sight (also taken in Newberg by Josh & Laura Dillard).

IMG_1500.jpgIn our yard, the pond attracts the beautiful Great Blue Heron off and on throughout the year. The heron waits until the feeder goldfish are six to eight inches long then takes them at his leisure. He cannot be outsmarted. Here he is waiting for the dog to go inside so he can have his way at the sushi bar.

IMG_1555.jpgBushtits sharing the suet last week. When it freezes, the suet feeder becomes more popular than the seed feeder.

IMG_1513.jpgThe Downy Woodpecker has been a regular December visitor this year.

IMG_1640.jpgDark Eyed Juncos, probably our most common backyard bird this time of year.

IMG_1650.jpgA Dark Eyed Junco and, under the solar light, a Northern Flicker waiting her turn at the suet.

I’ve had a solo Varied Thrush visiting from time to time and would have loved to catch his picture. So far, he has refused to pose.

Have you got an urban wildlife picture you’d like to share?

Happy New Year!




5 thoughts on “December in the Backyard

  1. I love how all the hummingbirds share a feeder at Laura & Josh’s place! Ours are very aggressive & territorial too! I could sit for hours watching the birds in our yard! I wish I knew what more of them were! I’ve tried taking pictures so you could tell me but they don’t turn out too well!! I’ll just have to have you over for tea so we can watch together!! 😊

  2. Heidi, I will be there when you’re ready. You will have some different birds. I’ll have new birds to watch and a delightful friend for company!

    1. Yeah! Josh is on. I’m glad you had fun. Thanks for the fun photos! I would love it if you would go back on and “follow” and get an email when something new shows up~

  3. Fantastic pictures. I am amazed at your knowledge of birds and creatures. Observing wild life is so calming. Thank you Susan.

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