Brain Yoga

I heard about it on the morning news, and I looked it up on the internet. Brain yoga is a real thing. Teachers are using it in the classroom and ordinary people are getting smarter while practicing brain yoga for only three minutes a day.

If I was smarter, I’d remember the French I learned years ago. I would consider Sudoku a pleasant way to pass the time. If I were smarter, I would know exactly where I parked my car every time I leave the mall.

I didn’t want to answer any questions; so I began my first brain yoga session while Dave was in the shower.

These are the instructions I found:

  •  Remove all jewelry. (I removed my Fitbit, just in case).
  • Face east – the elderly must face north
  • Put the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth directly behind your teeth.
  • Extend both arms out to your side
  • Draw your left hand across your body and grab your right earlobe – send the right hand to the left earlobe.
  • Keep your tongue in place and earlobes pinched while slowly bending the knees down as you inhale.
  • Rise slowly as you exhale.
  • Do this 15 to 21 times. I did it 15 times.

Fifteen squats!

If my brain is in my backside (and it may be) it was tired and sore.

Soon after that, Dave was out of the shower and Teddy and I were ready for our long walk. First, I spent ten minutes searching throughout the house for my cell phone.

“Dave, will you give me a quick call so I can find my phone?” I said.


The ringing sounded very close.

As I turned to the couch behind me, I put my hand on my tired backside. There was my cell phone, in the back pocket of my jeans.

“Got it!” I told David, “It was so close I could have sat on it!”

As Teddy and I left for our  walk in the Wild City, I promised myself I’d try brain yoga again. Next time I better do 21 squats and face north.

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  1. Every entry I am more entertained and feel you are talking just to me. I often am looking for my phone while talking on it. I look forward to your essays and with good reason thank you for sharing. I will be smiling for the rest of the day!

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